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Building Possibilities

 STAND (Students Taking Action Now with Determination) is the voice of​ adult learners. The organization was founded in 2009 by current students and alumni of adult literacy (GED prep, English language classes and workforce training programs) and program leaders who are interested in helping others.

Concept for Program Change:

STAND a non-profit organization engages employers with significant immigrant populations or high levels of employees with low basic skills or no high school completions. STAND will work with employers interested in services to increase English or Basic Skills for employees and improve production. While many traditional programs will take the approach of helping students upskill to find better work opportunities, STAND sees the benefit for employers that upskill employees in the workplace and seeks to help employers reap these benefits.       

Providing literacy in the workplace

Students Taking Action with Determination, (STAND)  has refocused it's purpose.  As we enter into the year 2017, we also enter a time of increased adult education need in America; however not to be delivered in it's traditional venues.  Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (H.R. 803; Pub.L. 113–128) (WIOA) is the catalyst into a new form of delivery. President Barack Obama signed the program into law July 22, 2014.  At that time little was understood of the changes that federally funded adult education programs would face.  

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